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HTM-3Z-3L N-fold Hand Towel Folding Machine

HTM-3Z(3L) series three-fold paper towel folding machine is use to told paper towel(wet-strength paper) into N type cross-folded paper towel after embossing and cutting,the folded facial issue can be pulled out one by each pulling. The product can widely used in public place such as hotels and offices etc, and kitchens, for hand cleaning, can be used conveniently and kept clean.

Product Description

HTM-3Z230-3L  N-fold Hand Towel Folding Machine specification

photobank (23).jpg

Folding Unit

1.Size of folding roller 800mm (width)

2.Applicable roll quantity: 35~45 GSM1plyor 16~25GSM(2ply) towel

3.Finished product open size230±2mm x150~250

4.Sheet Folded size115±2mm x150~250

5.Folding typeN fold

6.Speed of folding500~700sheet/min/line

7.Cross cut: 1 sheet high speed steel top blade3 sheets high speed steel underside blade

8.Circular blade2 blade.  underside cylinder is bearing steel


Embossing Unit

1. Two chromium plated steel roller, air pressure.

2. With curve roller.


Unwind stand Unit:

1.MaxWidth of paper:750mm

2.Max diameter of parent paper:1200mm

3.Core inside diameter:76.2mm

4. Unwind reelstand for one reel.

5.Web tension controlledmanually

6.Parent roll axes regulationmanually



1.By gear and simultaneous belt


Control Unit

1.Speed adjusted is by inverter, main motor 5.5kw

2.Counting systemcounter adjusted

3.Jogging button and emergency button installed on machine


Vacuum System

1. 1set LONGTECH roots vacuum pump of 15KW   (Taiwan)



Compressed Air

1Air pressure> 4kg/cm2 (provided by buyer)


Machine details:

photobank (23).jpg

photobank (23).jpg




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