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Full automatic single bag packaging machine

Product Description


Technical parameter and features:

Paper sorting modeAutomatic Smart Feeding4 sectional intelligent soft type paper feeding mode
Paper sorting mode105packs/minRelate to paper specification
Stable production speed≤100 packs/minRelate to paper specification
Packaging film changing≤2minRelate to experience and skill
Paper length95mm-210mmSize of finished product,can be customize if size exceed.
Paper height40-100mm
Paper width90mm-115mm
Mould3 setsStandard configuration,sizes are provide by buyer.
Machine dimensionLength 4650 mm Width 3650 mm Height1800 mm
Machine weight≤ 3500    KG
Packaging materialPE,BOPP,CPP etc
Film thickness0.035mm-0.05mm
Max.film roll diameter500mm
Film core diameter76mmAccording to international standard
Max.film width340mm
Compressed airPressure air≥ 0.5MPABuyer prepare
Power supply380V/50HZCan be customize
Total power consumption6  KW
Adaptive voltage change+/-10%According to international standard
I/O input24VDC
I/O output24VDC
Machine movement modeThree servo shafts positioning controlElectric cam movement curve
Main transmission modeMechanism cam + electrical cam transmission
Machine color and craftGrey,static electric spray coating craft
Packing type3D packing

Main electrical component,temperature control component,pneumatic component and transmission component.

No.Component nameBrand
1Spindle encoderOmron
4Control panelMitsubishi
5Color code detection componentGermany SICK
6Paper sorting detection sensorJapan OMRON/South Korea Autonics
7Overload detection sensorSouth Korea Autonics
8Three lanes intelligent temperature control modulesChina Yudian
9DC voltage stabilization powerFrench Schneider
10Intermediate relayFrench Schneider
11Main power switchChina Geli
12CapacitorChina Mingwei
13Solid relayChina Huanyu/Chaoneng
14Two position switchFrench Schneider
15Inching switchFrench Schneider
16Emergency switchFrench Schneider
17Cycle switchFrench Schneider
18Contact baseFrench Schneider
19Cutter servoFrench Schneider
20Perforation cutter drive system componentMitsubishi
21Film cutter servo drive system componentMitsubishi
22Film pulling servo system componentMitsubishi
23Tissue center sending servo system componentMitsubishi
24Reducer for all servosTomas reducer
25Frequency control motorChina Liming
26Main transmission motorChina Liming
27High temperature resistance best conveyingChina Liming
28Film putting motorChina Tianyang
29Film putting correction motorChina Liming
31Pneumatic componentFESTO


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