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FTM-200/3T Facial Tissue Folding Machine Specification

FTM-200/3T Facial Tissue Folding Machine Specification

Product Description

Folding Unit:

1. Size of folding roller: 700mm (width), material is chromium plated 45# steel.

2. Applicable roll quantity: 12~16GSM(2ply/3 ply)tissue paper

3. Finished product open size: 200±2mm X(130~250)

4. Finished product folding size: 100±2mm X(130~250)

5. Folding type: V folding

6. Speed of folding: 500~1000sheet/min/line

7. 1 sheet steel top blade front and back. Material is SKD-II, hardness HRC 58~60;

3 sheet high speed steel underside blade, hardness HRC 60~62;

8. Circular blade: 2PCS blade each front and back

9. Edge embossing unit: underside cylinder is bearing steel, hardness HRC 58~60

10. 4 edge embossing front and back. Material is bearing steel.

11. Main frame is panel structure, thickness is 40mm.

Embossing Unit: 2 pairs embossing cylinder 

Unwind Unit:

1. Width of parent paper: 650mm

2. Max diameter of parent paper: 1200mm

3. Core inside diameter: 76.2mm

4. 2 parent paper roll, pneumatic loading unit

5. Web tension controlled: manually

6. Parent roll axes regulation: manually


1. By gear and simultaneous belt

2. Folding roller, cutter roller etc the brand of bearings of main parts are HRB .

3. Mounted bearing is "LK" brand.

Control Unit:

1. Speed adjusted: by inverter(4kw)

2. Counting system: counter adjusted

3. Jogging button and emergency button installed on machine

Electrical control

1. Disconnecter,protection switch electromagnetic contactor use TianZheng\ZhengTai.

2. Control buttons use Scheider.

3. Relay use OMRON.

4. Proximity switch use TAIWAN brand.

5. Antistatic unit

Vacuum control:

1. 7.5KW volution vacuum pump 1set

Compressed Air:

1. Air cylinder is national famous brand.

2. Air pressure: > 4kg/cm (provided by buyer)


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