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FTM-190/7T Facial Tissue Folding Machine

FTM-190/7T Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Product Description

Folding Unit:

1.Size of folding roller :1500mm (width)

2.Applicable roll quantity:13~25 GSM(2 ply)tissue paper

3.Finished product open size:190±2mm x(150~240)

4.Sheet Foldedd size:95±2mm x(150~240)

5.Folding type:V fold

6.Speed of folding:500~1000sheet/min/line

7.Cross cut:2 sheet high speed steel top blade,6 sheets high speed steel underside blade

8.Circular blade:6blades

Embossing Unit:

1. Embossing part: 2 pairs steel to steel or steel to rubber

2.  Edge-embossing part: 14 groups pneumatic steel against steel (bearing steel) at the front and back, independent adjustment.

Unwind Unit:

1.Width of parent paper:1450mm

2.Max diameter of parent paper:1200mm

3.Core inside diameter:76.2mm(3”)

4.2 parent paper roll,pneumatic loading unit

5.Web tension controlled:manually

6.Parent roll axes regulation:manually


1.By gear and simultaneous belt

Control Unit:

1.Speed adjusted:by inverter(5.5kw)

2.Counting system:counter adjusted

3.Jogging button and emergency button installed on machine

Vacuum System:

1.1 set roots vacuum pump of  18.5KW(made in Taiwan)

Compressed Air:

1.Air pressure:> 4kg/cm2 (provided by buyer)

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