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Automatic Separater unit

Matching with semi-automatic tissue folding machine, through the manipulator to achieve the effect of automatic turn paper, save manpower

Product Description


Automatic Separater unit

1. Raw paper width : 7T→1200-1500mm   10T→1600-2100 mm  14T→2500-2900mm.

2. Speed : 7T→5-12block/min  10T→5-11block/min  14T→5-10block/min

3.machine can adapt to the thickness of the paper is 40-130 mm, thickness less than 40 mm or higher than 130 mm has to be custom.

4.machine can adapt to the width of the paper is 75-115 mm . width of less than 75mm or more than 115 has to be custom.

5.Power supply: AC380V;
Power: 3 kw;
Pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa;
Gas consumption: 500NL, 650NL 850NL /min.
PLC, servo motor, servo drive, HMI: Siemens brand


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