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Do you Know How to Distinguish the Quality of Facial Tissue?

Feb. 22, 2021


Facial Tissue have become an indispensable sanitation product in many people's lives, but the bright and eye-catching towel packaging often dazzles consumers. But, do you know how to distinguish the quality of napkins?

Full Auto Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Full Auto Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

1. Products should be selected from large companies and well-known brands

The products of these companies have undergone repeated national and random inspections to prove that the product quality is stable and reliable. At the same time, these companies have advanced production equipment, strict production process management and good raw material quality. Although the price may be more expensive, it can be used in a hygienic and comfortable way and safe to use.

2. Look at the packaging

The manufacturer's name, address and telephone number should be indicated on the product packaging. It should also be noted whether the product name and implemented standards, product grade, production date and expiry date are indicated on the packaging. It is best to buy the latest products.

3. Choose products made of pure wood pulp

The raw materials for the production of paper towels are complex, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper edges, waste paper, etc. Products produced with waste paper edges and waste paper as raw materials are usually in the low to mid-range quality, low strength, and easy to shed hair and powder. When using water, some water will scatter. Stuck in the face. Generally, 100% natural wood pulp paper towel products from leading international companies are manufactured using high-end patented technology, with little difference in raw material selection, production technology and patented treatment, and paper residues are prone to appear.

4. Napkins are not as white as possible

In order to improve the whiteness of the product, some manufacturers add excessive amounts of fluorescent whitening agent, which causes the whiteness of tissue paper to exceed 90.0% of the prescribed a standard.

According to market demand, JORI designed and produced napkin production machines. It can choose the size of napkins according to customer needs, and can also print napkins of different colors.

Recently, we have exported many napkin making machines, which are very popular all over the world, and everyone needs napkins.

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