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Why is Napkin Folding Machine Stronger Than Toilet Paper?

Oct. 27, 2020

Do you know the new role of Napkin Folding Machine?

Paper towels are a global product with growing production and consumption. Second only to toilet paper in terms of toilet paper consumption (36% in the United States and 45% in the United States)

Semi Auto Facial Tissue Single Packing Machine

Semi Auto Facial Tissue Single Packing Machine

What is kitchen paper?

The production process of kitchen paper is the same as that of toilet paper. Kitchen paper can absorb water because they are loosely woven and can circulate between the fibers even under the action of gravity (capillary action). The purpose of kitchen towels is similar to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting powder and cleaning up spills.

Uses of kitchen towels, such as:

Clean silk in fresh corn

Strain grease in broth

Keep fresh produce longer

Keep the cast iron pot rust-free and so on. To

What is the difference between toilet paper and kitchen paper?

Toilet roll

Small volume


Dissolved in water

General hygiene standards

Kitchen towel roll

Long scroll


Strong adsorption

Not easily soluble in water

Food grade hygiene standards

Why is kitchen towel stronger than toilet paper?

The secret is the color glue laminating device

Different from the toilet paper machine, the kitchen paper towel machine has a glued part. After the part is embossed twice, the glue is glued and pasted in 2 layers. Therefore, it can make kitchen paper have better water absorption and toughness.

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