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Why are More Factories Producing Facial Tissues?

Nov. 27, 2020

In the next five years, the global facial tissue market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 3.7%, reaching US$14 billion by 2024, and US$11.7 billion in 2019.

Full Auto Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

Full Auto Facial Tissue Packaging Machine

4 reasons why you can invest in a facial tissue production line?

For health reasons, facial tissue can protect people from bacteria, so it is becoming more and more popular in our lives.

The tissue paper industry has high growth potential. The production of facial tissues is technically feasible and financially feasible, with low investment and large returns.

Favorable government policies support manufacturers to invest in this business area in every country in the world.

The automatic production line is easy to operate and save labor costs.

Benefits of starting a facial tissue production business

· One factory, one production line and several workers. Here will be a complete tissue company.

· No need to design the product, just design its packaging. 

· Simple organizational participation

· High product profit

· Easy to market

· Products are the main necessities of society.

How to choose the right production line?

Depends on the local jumbo roll supplier:-There are different sizes of jumbo rolls in different countries/regions. Before purchasing, you must find a suitable jumbo roll supplier in your country or nearby countries. Note: Generally, a 40-foot-tall container can only load 10 tons of jumbo rolls. However, if you buy from China, the shipping cost from Chinese ports to your country is very expensive. Therefore, it is not feasible to buy directly from China.

Depends on your budget: The facial tissue making machine ranges from 2 liters to 14 liters, you can have the most correct choice. The bigger the price will be higher, we can help you design and choose the right machine according to your budget. Depends on your production capacity: — 10L~14L has high production capacity, which will also save labor costs. Machines of different sizes also affect production capacity. Depends on your market demand: There will be popular paper sizes in your local market, and you can choose the right machine to meet your market demand.

What are the facial tissue paper roll production lines? 

Facial tissue folding machine

Single channel / dual channel section organizing machine

Single bag/box facial tissue packaging machine

Multi-bag/box facial tissue packaging machine

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