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Is There Any Difference Between Rolling Paper and Facial Tissue?

Nov. 11, 2020

As a daily necessities, every household is equipped with paper towels, such as roll paper, pumping paper, wet paper, lipstick paper, makeup remover paper, kitchen paper, etc., with complete types and different functions. Is the most common paper towel and roll paper material the same? Can it be used instead?

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Different paper towels, different production standards

Many people think that facial tissues and toilet paper are the same. In fact, they are quite different. Even if they are all qualified products, the hygienic standards set by the country are also very different.

Different bacteria content

Facial tissues are in direct contact with the face, and the hygiene requirements are very strict. The state stipulates that the bacterial content per gram of facial tissues shall not be higher than 200 units; while the requirements for toilet paper are relatively loose, and the bacterial content per gram is not higher than 500 units. The bacterial content of toilet paper is three times that of facial tissues, and the more you wipe your face with toilet paper, the dirtier you may get.

Papermaking wood pulp is different

The virgin wood pulp and pure wood pulp we saw when we bought paper towels were not the same. 100% virgin wood pulp means that the wood pulp for papermaking is new raw material, and virgin wood pulp must be used for facial tissues according to national health standards. Recycled materials are allowed in pure wood pulp, and toilet paper made of recycled materials meets the national health standards. Therefore, do not buy pure wood pulp facial tissues on the market.

Fluorescent brightener requirements are different

Fluorescent brighteners are commonly used in daily life. In order to wash clothes more cleanly, laundry detergent and powder contain this substance, and the state allows it to be added to daily necessities that are not in direct contact with the human body. According to regulations, facial tissues are not allowed to contain migrating fluorescent whitening agents, and countries have not given clear requirements on whether toilet paper can contain migrating fluorescent whitening agents. Friends who are used to using toilet paper to wipe their faces need to pay attention.

Different tissues, different life uses

In our daily life, the various types of household paper we commonly use are actually different and cannot replace each other.

Facial tissue: special facial tissue

Facial tissues and napkins are specially used to clean the face. They are soft and skin-friendly, with the highest hygiene requirements. It is safer to wipe the mouth and face. In addition, the tissue paper has better toughness after soaking, and it is not easy to break, and the paper scraps are not easy to remain on the face when wiping sweat.

Toilet paper: special toilet paper

The softness of toilet paper is moderate, and the hygiene standard is not as high as facial tissues, but qualified toilet paper will not cause harm to the human body. Some local tyrants are particularly particular about using facial tissues instead of toilet paper. This is not right. Facial tissues are too tough and can easily block the toilet when used instead of toilet paper.

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