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What is the Difference Between the Use of Facial Tissue and Toilet Paper?

Jan. 25, 2021

Facial tissues generally have wet toughness (an index representing the toughness of paper in a fully wet state).

The main difference in quality between facial tissues and toilet paper is: facial tissues generally have wet toughness (an index representing the toughness of paper in a fully wet state). Toilet paper is generally not allowed to have wet toughness to prevent the paper from being difficult to decompose after use and blocking the sanitary septic tank.

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

What is the difference between the use of facial tissue and toilet paper?

Toilet paper is mainly used for cleaning after going to the toilet, while other body parts such as face and hands are all used facial tissues, so the touch is more important. Generally, consumers can’t distinguish between toilet paper and facial paper. Let’s talk a little bit more generally. Boxed facial tissues, handkerchiefs, napkins, removable plastic packaging facial papers (the most easily confused) are facial tissues, roll paper, Removable toilet paper and large roll paper are toilet paper. The easiest way to identify is to look at the sanitary standard number on the back of the package or look at the label. According to the new national regulations, toilet paper must be marked with "toilet paper". Almost all major manufacturers have a small label. Look carefully. If not, you can Reference health standard number. As for hygiene, it is best not to wipe your mouth except for facial tissues, including paper towels in hotels. A good facial tissue should be hygienic, flexible, and not easy to fall off. If it is hygienic, it needs to be tested with special equipment. Generally, the hygienic standards of famous brands are relatively high. Whether the chipping is severe can be checked visually. Flexibility is reflected in the ability of the paper towel to stretch to a certain extent without breaking.

Degree of transparency

In the process of producing facial tissues, the staff can change the transparency of facial tissues by the following methods:

1. Reduce the water content of the tissue machine paper web entering the sizing press to increase the absorption

2. Increase the moisture of the paper roll and help calender

3 Increase the temperature, pressure, and number of nip areas

4. Change the raw material as much as possible. Sulfite pulp is easier to beat than kraft pulp

5. Increase the total refining number of the facial tissue machine, especially the fine fibrillation refining to improve the fiber crushing and binding force

6. Improve formation, good formation is very important for transparency

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