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Will the Development of Facial Tissue Folding Machine Become Wider and Wider?

Mar. 04, 2021

During the use of the toilet paper machine, there should be a fixed person responsible for supervising the operator. The operator must have a certain technical level. Before the installation of the toilet paper machine, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle and performance of the toilet paper machine and be familiar with the operating rules. The cardboard and packaging boards stacked in the selection and disposal of the toilet paper machine are not allowed to be more than 1.5 meters in height. The packaging board is not allowed to stand upright to prevent it from tipping over and hurting people.

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Facial Tissue Folding Machine

Do not sit, sleep or lean on the stack of paper. When you open the toilet paper machine lift table, you should give a notice to prevent hurting people. During the transportation process, you should pay attention to ground obstacles to prevent the stack of paper from tipping and hurting people. When the paper truck is out of service , You must slow down the handlebar to prevent injury, be careful of wooden thorns when handling the packaging board, to prevent stab wounds on the skin, wear protective gloves to prevent the cardboard from cutting hands, pay attention to shoveling The selection office should keep the site clean and unobstructed. It is necessary to promptly remove the packaging iron sheet and damaged packaging boards to prevent the iron sheet or nails from hurting the feet.

Whether it is an adult or a child, a student or an office worker, whether it is in a rural area or a city, we cannot do without toilet paper in our daily life, and almost everyone uses a lot of toilet paper, so the daily consumption is large, and the market demand is also relatively large. In general, processing toilet paper is very promising.

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